Previniendo y  Revertiendo enfermedades a través de  medios naturales.

El programa de Restart Wellness y Lifestyle son diseñados  para ayudar a prevenir y revertir enfermedades  a través de medios naturales.  Por medio de las clases de ejercicio usted podrá mejorar su actividad cardiovascular, fuerza, flexibilidad, y quemar calorías. La dieta saludable e instrucciones médicas serán de alivio y ayudaran a prevenir y luchar contra enfermedades.  Nuestros relajantes  masajeshidroterapia serán de ayuda para aliviar tensión, eliminar toxinas,  limpiar el cuerpo, inducir sueño, y promover un estado general de bienestar.

 La salud está esperando por usted.


Our Team


Viriato Ferreira, M.D.


Luis Biazotto

Health Director

Como funcionan nuestros programas

Health Advices and Lectures
The ReSTART Lifestyle Program includes a medical orientation in health habits and individual health advices. You can bring the medications in use and recent and relevant medical examinations. The doctor will see you two times a week, or more as needed. The goal of our team is to help you change some habits in order to live longer and better.
Sauna and Jacuzzi
Every day you can have the opportunity to relax in the Jacuzzi and Sauna. It is an important part of the treatment helping you relieve aches and pains, induce sleep, and reduce stress.
Exercises and Aqua Aerobics
You are invited to participate in our daily exercises classes. Hiking, aqua aerobics, stretching and more. These classes can help you to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. You will be encouraged to continue these activities in your home.
Relaxing Massage
As part of your relaxing time, in our 8-day program, you will receive three full massages with oil. The massage will improve your body circulation, helping lymphatic and veined drainage, producing a sensation of well-being.
Vegetarian Diet and Classes
You will taste a delicious vegetarian diet, and learn how to prepare healthy foods in our cooking classes. It could help you manage weight, prevent diseases, and help others.
Daily Program
Wake up
Devotional time
Cooking Classes
Aqua Aerobics or Hiking
Jacuzzi and Sauna
Health Lecture
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Regular price per person $1.999

Introductory price $1.499

All inclusive

  • Discount for couples and family members.

  • Payment by credit card, check or Paypal.

  • Installment payment

  • Non-refundable $150 reservation deposit.


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